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A Holistic Approach

You can expect to see:

Improvement in symptoms

Decreased reliance on pharmaceuticals

Decreased side effects from pharmaceuticals

In some cases, disease reversal

And a better quality of life

Guiding Light Healthcare is an integrative healing practice. 

We combine conventional medicine and alternative therapies to find the best plan to take your health to the next level.  We use a holistic approach that includes the strengths of conventional medicine along with lifestyle changes, herbs, and other natural therapies. 


Our goal is to understand the root cause of your illness and then provide guidance on how to support the body’s innate abilities to heal itself. 

Medical Checkup

Your health history is important to us

At Guiding Light Healthcare, we take the time to get to know you and your health journey.  

The initial visit to establish care will be a thorough, 1-2 hours discussion and assessment to learn about your health history and goals.

Test Tubes

Advanced specialty testing


Comprehensive lab testing beyond what is done in conventional healthcare is available to look more deeply into your health concerns .

We test based on patient presentation.  Examples of tests incluce:  food sensitivities, microbiome, cardio-metabolic risk, and salivary cortisol. 

Doctor Talking To Patient

Support to transform your health

Receive practical guidance and coaching to achieve lifestyle changes and health goals.

   Telehealth Practice   

Meet with the provider in the comfort and safety of your own home. We will be meeting privately with a HIPAA compliant video based call. The practice is only able to accept patients who live in the state of Arizona.

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