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Integrative medicine... a holistic approach.  

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Amelia Lo, Family Nurse Practitioner
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Amelia believes in treating patients with a wide range of healing techniques (alternative and conventional) and acts as a guide for patients to navigate between the natural and pharmaceutical worlds of healing. As a provider, she views her relationships with her patients as a collaboration and works on empowering patients to make healthy changes in their lives.

Why Integrative Medicine?

Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Improve and regulate irregular menstrual cycles without the need to go on hormonal birth control and improve female fertility when you are ready to start your family whether you are planning to conceive naturally or with IVF.


Jessica M. 1/3/24

I am so grateful I found Amelia. She made me feel very seen and important and it felt like her number one goal was to help me feel and be better rather slapping a bandaid on and moving on. She ordered tests that really opened my eyes and made me aware of why I have my health problems, once starting treatment I felt better quickly. I’ve been in such awe since I began working with her in 2022 and appreciate everything she had helped me with.

Lynn G. 9/6/22


Amelia provides care with a deep consideration for the person. She listens and takes time to create a plan with me rather then offering quick cookie cutter solutions. I feel safe, heard, and respected with her as a provider.

John G. 8/8/22


I highly recommend Amelia Lo, FNP. She offers a rare combination of medical expertise and personal compassion. First, she listens deeply, and only then does she respond with a holistic approach to patients’ concerns. In my case, she assessed my chronic health issues and proposed effective solutions in ways that no other caregiver had considered. She was also sensitive to my need to grieve over a recent death in the family and how that was affecting my overall wellbeing. If you’re being treated like a number, try Amelia.

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